Songs For Lap Steel And Harmonium

by Fredrik Kinbom

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A Sotones Records release.


released November 9, 2018

Fredrik Kinbom - vocals, acoustic and electric lap steel guitar, harmonium (pump organ), lap slide bass guitar.
Cordula Hanns - additional vocals on "Crystal Fruit Bowl".
Sonja Kessner - additional vocals on "Crystal Fruit Bowl" and "Fulvals".

Music and lyrics written by Fredrik Kinbom.

Produced and recorded by Fredrik Kinbom at Eisack New Tone, Berlin, Germany, July 2017-March 2018.
Mixed by Joe Talia at Good Mixture, Tokyo, Japan.
Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering, Melbourne, Australia.

Cover photograph by Jenny Fitz.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Monuments And Bridges
I don't want to clean your bar
Sweep your dirty floors or
Watch you excavate your nose
But my circumstances are
Not the best right now, so
Until I metamorphose
I'll plot my great escape from here
One day it will come, I swear
I'm just gathering my strength
Yes, my destiny is clear
I wasn't born to serve, no
My back is straight, my fists are clenched
Cleaning hotel rooms for you
Whets my appetite

Now 20 years have passed
My back is not so straight now
But my plan is alive and well
On the inside I build vast
Monuments and bridges
Who are you to judge, and tell
Me they're only in my head?
They are quite real, I tell you
Like your debt and your desert
Each night as I lie in bed
With all the great explorers
Nothing aches and nothing hurts
I am immortal, I am strong
And you are under my command,
But a digit in a chip
And this land is my land
Yes it is.
Track Name: Pawn Queen King
Talk to those who can supply material for your ladder to the sky
Stalk them quietly while pretending that you just happened to walk by
Whisper in their ears
The words they like to hear
While keeping your cool
Gently guide and steer them
To get near them
And their precious tools

She is queen and so she has position and her favour people seek
All her friends smile at her
She can't hear what they think only what they speak
Their lips make pretty shapes
But what escapes them
When she's there is not the truth
Eyes on her throne
Pleasing skills they hone
As reliable as youth

All the city's freaks come out in force to see him sway and hear him sing
Doesn't matter if he does it well or not - to them he is the king
Rather than admit he sometimes fails
All the choirboys proclaim
His latest is a hit
On the guest list and at his table they remain.
Track Name: Crystal Fruit Bowl
Faith has a way of arriving
Like an unexpected call
Your god has a plan for you, my dear
You found him, as you recall

When you wished for a crystal fruit bowl
For christmas all those years ago
No one knew and you'd told no one
Your brother comes, lo and behold
He gives you a crystal fruit bowl
His wife's vision in the mall
Led you to a life of prayer
In your world god looks after all.
Track Name: Krumme Lanke
On the lake where the swimmers float
Gentle wind rocks a plastic boat
Underneath bits of bomber sleep
Down in flames for the mud to keep

In the woods an idyllic place
Gardens, flowers, leisurely pace
It was built for the SS-men
Walls keep quiet now just like then.
Track Name: Fulvals
Move on over
Cliffs of Dover
No rhyme, nor reason
Ego treason
You steer your ship
Moisten your whip
You are coming here

In your brain
There must be pain there
Insecure girl
Grab one more pearl
Out of our bowl
Swallow it whole
Will it make you shine?

What do you desire?
Who do you admire
Outside your fine self?

Let us make you smile
Forget being you for a while
But I guess that's not your style.
Track Name: The Wealthy Toad
You feel you have earned your lot
And if someone's not up on your hill
It must mean that they have not
Enough drive or enough skill

Now that you have everything
Everything money can buy
What will make your senses sing?
What will make you try?

Throw shit on those below
Deal them another blow
Watch as they are running round
Killing their own kin

Why do you think your wife
Chose to be in your life?
Was it all your greenish warts
Or your sagging double chin?
The beauty from within
Those greedy, stone cold eyes?
Track Name: The Cinema Behind The Bakery
You hit notes that caught
My ear and imagination as a boy
Oh boy I thought
That space is a hole in time
Where all can flow
People come and go through that hole
Back and forth as they please

Wander off, never to
Wander off, never to
Wander off, never to return

Through the hole, put on tape
Through the hole, put on tape
Through the hole, put on tape we go

So many friends are here
I can smile at the dead
They smile back at me.
Track Name: Ho Hum
You cook your dinner like you're a machine
You look at the dirt gathering between
The fridge and floor
You have no strength to store
Nothing to store it in
And nothing in the bank
And no one else to thank
For trying to fly the bird
Like a friend said

At 7:15 they start drilling
You wonder if that's more fulfilling
Than this ho and hum
In circles you all run
You drag and heave and push
But nothing moves in here
The moments that feel clear
Are few and far between
You look up:

The food they eat seems appetising
But they all work in advertising
Remember old Bill Hicks
Whenever all those tricks
Might tempt you

You are not jaded, that is what they say
But you feel it when they look the other way
You see an empty cup
But it is a good cup
Don't you think?
Track Name: Swede Hollow
All my sweat and dreams and toil
Vanished with me somehow
Down in the Minnesota soil
I rest for 90 years now

I can see you all up there
You don't even know that I was

I made it across the sea
Unlike so many today
Can't you see that they are me?
And you would allow me to stay

My blue eyes, my flaxen hair
Words of scorn fly through the air
You say I smell, you say I'm dumb
And I turn inwards, I go numb

Close your eyes and see
Them today, then me
At the very bottom there is always room.

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